Music lessons via Skype

Skype logoThe trend of digitalization had made many things accessible to users on the internet, regardless of where the user is located — and it hasn’t left music lessons out in the cold!  Taking instrumental or voice lessons via Skype is no longer a strange idea.  With a decent internet connection, an instructor can do some productive work with a student, even if they’re in different time zones.

Benefits of Skype lessons

Efficiency for teacher and student

When snowy Boston weather strikes, a traveling instructor might have to cancel and reschedule a lesson.  A digital session can replace that session, and everything can go as originally planned. (In fact, we offer Skype lessons even to students in the Boston area, when there’s a bad snowstorm or perhaps if a student is sick but is well enough to have a lesson.)

More freedom in choosing a teacher, if you live in an area without many…

Maybe you live in a place where there aren’t many (or any!) good music teachers around.  Now that Skype lessons are an option, the world of choice opens up.  You are no longer limited by your geographic location.  A student can learn from the comfort of home, and can do so with the instruction of someone miles away!

An easy way to record lessons

It can be helpful for students to review a lesson in the week or so between lessons.  The virtual lesson can be recorded, and later reviewed with ease.


In-person sessions are, many times, ideal.  However, modern technology allows us to do things that weren’t possible before.  Launch a simple program, and it seems like a person on another side of the globe is sitting in the room with you.  We want to leverage this capability to provide valuable instruction to students all over the United States, and in other countries too!