1. A deep enjoyment of music…

Taking instrumental lessons with a knowledgeable and engaging teacher just might help give your child a real love of music, something that will always be with them. Quality lessons should introduce young people to a rich world of beauty, a world that goes beyond the ‘everyday’ and yet is connected to it.

2. Learning to focus!

To learn how to play an instrument, or how to sing well – these require focus.  It’s so valuable, especially in our world of seemingly endless distraction, to learn from a young age to get in the habit of really focusing our attention on something, and to engage with it without our attention wandering.

3. Family activities?

A child who learns to play an instrument or sing, can experience the fun of playing that instrument with siblings, or with parents who play.  This can be such a nice activity for a parent to share with a child, or for a child to share with siblings or friends!

4. A skill for the rest of your life.

Playing an instrument is something you will always be able to do, should you choose to.  It is a skill that, if kept up, you will always carry with you.   And of course, singers carry get to carry even their instrument with them wherever they go!

5. Relaxation.

Needless to say, we live in a stressful world and it seems helpful to be introduced from a young age, to things that might encourage relaxation and provide a healthy and joyful change of pace within everyday life.  While it’s true that music comes in a vast variety of characters, moods, and ‘musical images’, some of which are far from relaxing, many people do find playing their instrument to be relaxing.  In any case, a person who mindfully plays an instrument mentally enters a different ‘space’ when he does so – a space quite apart from the stresses of everyday life.