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“My son has been working with Alexander for the past few months and after nearly every lesson my son comments, “I can’t believe it’s already over.” The camaraderie between the two of them is evident; Alexander is encouraging and kind, yet sets high standards. Aidan’s improvement in piano in just 8 weeks of lessons is remarkable. Alexander tailors each lesson to Aidan’s exact needs, providing just the right balance of challenge and review. Alexander is also respectful of the lesson time, arriving promptly and coming prepared. He picks up exactly where he and Aidan left off previously and is sure to let Aidan know his expectations for the following week. Communication is a strength and his knowledge of pedagogy is clear as well. It’s been a joy watching him work with my son and share his love of piano.”

Laura F.

“My son has been learning piano from Alexander for the past few months & he enjoys it a lot. As any 8 yr old, my son gets distracted so easily, but Alexander finds a way to bring him back to focus. The combination of fun, personality and professionalism that Alexander has makes it easier for my son to feel comfortable learning piano. And we are seeing good progress within a few classes. I would definitely recommend Alexander.”

Gayathri S.

“My kids Zoe (9 yo) and Zack (8 yo) have a lot of fun learning how to play the piano with Alexander. He is very patient and kind, and he treats my kids like equals and takes the time to explain to them why they should do certain things. He is highly hands-on and demonstrates the precise techniques for improving my kids’ skills. He can play any sheet of music put in front of him, and it is great fun to watch him play through several songs in order for my kids to identify the songs that they like to play. It is quite fun for me to sit with my kids during their piano lessons with Alexander.”

Zhiping H.

“you are the best piano teacher I have had, in addition to being very supportive, which is a significant part of being the best.”

Thomas G.
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