Piano Lessons with Bel Canto 

Learning to play the piano should be a positive experience…

Some people remember taking piano lessons as a child, but unfortunately what they remember is endless repetition and boredom. This is not the way learning music should ever feel!  

Our instruction is thorough, to be sure, but we provide that instruction in such a way that students are interested, engaged with the challenges of learning their pieces, and perhaps just as importantly – they are never intimidated. Learning to play the piano should be a happy experience.  Learning to play the piano expressively, musically, competently, is a challenge, but with the help of a talented and caring teacher your child can meet that challenge confidently, and with joy!

If you are considering piano lessons and live in Boston, or near Boston in any of the surrounding suburbs such as Brookline, Newton, Cambridge, Arlington, Belmont, etc., let us bring the joy of music to your home!  We also serve some of the farther suburbs such as Needham, Wellesley, Wayland, and Lexington.

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